Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finding Balance

Week number two is in the books.  I've had several conversations with staff.  Some people are feeling fantastic about the start of the year and others, it is a work in progress.  I for one have felt as though things have been nuts.  Truly nuts!  For me, life has been out of balance.  When I lose my balance that is when I stress.  I imagine some of you are like me in that regard.  I wanted to begin with this picture I took in mid-August (10 points if you can name the location...going once, going twice, it is the Dahlem Center).  This photo reminded me of balance.  So, as you look at the calendars and you see things like grade level meetings, assemblies, IEP's, Fall Festival, practices and games with your own kids, and even possibly trainings or classes you need to take, remember this: At some point we are all in the same boat; we can relate to one another and bit by bit try to find balance.  

Fall Festival is only 10 days away.  This stresses me out a bit!  I want to let you know that I'm proud of your attitudes.  This was a late decision on my part; one that I thought over at great length.  In the end I had a belief in our staff that we would come together and do a terrific job.  Remember the goals of Fall Festival: 1) School and Community Spirit  2) Go Green Book Sale  3) To raise funds for our Warner Elementary Positive Praise T-shirts.  In the end I believe we need close to $1600.  I don't expect us to earn all of this at Fall Festival, but I hope we are in the ballpark.   Remember do not spend a lot out of pocket.  If you feel as though you must, please see me and we can brainstorm ideas.  Finally, because of Fall Festival and your overwhelming willingness to participate I'm canceling our Friday Staff Meetings in October.  I may ask you to watch a video on your own time or participate in a survey, but I will not have a Friday Staff Meeting in October.

Things to take note of:

This past Saturday, Sept. 15th Jenn and Aaron were trained in Data Director.  Jenn and Aaron are learning as they go.  I have been pleased with everyone assisting them and being patient.  

Next week we will have a fire drill in the beginning of the week.  Please be ready.  Also, we will have a tornado drill soon.  Make sure you and your class are prepared.

TEAM meeting is set for Sept. 25th, I believe I know exactly who is on the agenda.  If you have not spoken with me about a concern please do so next week.

I emailed everyone about goal setting for this year.  If you have questions please contact me.

Next Week at a Glance:

Monday, Sept. 17th:  Constitution Day.  I will have a short Constitution piece on the morning announcements.  Feel free to create any additional lessons on the Constitution.
Tuesday, Sept. 18th:  5pm Warner String Team Parent Meeting in the Cafeteria
Tuesday, Sept. 18th:  6:30 5th grade Camp Orientation in the CAC
Wednesday, Sept. 19th:  K-2 assembly at 8:45
Thursday, Sept. 20th:  Compass Learning Presentation from 8-11am 
Thursday, Sept. 20th:  CD Federal Credit Union Presentations

Great Things Noticed or Heard:
*  I stopped by Mrs. Soper's room on Friday and got to watch our MiCI students cook quesadilla's!  The life skill application and enthusiasm in the room were amazing.  Great idea Mrs. Soper!
*  The Jackson Symphony Orchestra stopped in Wednesday.  I always love to hear Mozart and several students seemed genuinely interested in joining the Warner string team.
* I always chuckle when the kindergarten students call me MRS. Gilpin
*  Put together a nice video on Friday and had some great kids participate.  They were telling me why they love Warner!
*  Saw a really catchy way of getting students attention in Mrs. Struck's room.  You'd have to see it, but I really liked it!
*  Logan's birthday was Friday and he brought me a treat, I told him he was giving me breakfast, lunch and dessert...his response, "really?"  I just smiled!
*  Brody was super excited to get his soccer jersey.  Sometimes the simplest things light up students.
*  At our 3-5 assembly I was really impressed with the attitudes and participation.  They soaked all parts in like a sponge.

Articles Worth Your Time:

Videos Worth Your Time:

If you don't have State Spirit after watching this something must be wrong.

Sid Shuffle...great for a brain break!

Google Forms, creating teacher/student connections.

Really cool video about student blogging.

Constitution Day is Sept. 17th

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