Monday, September 3, 2012


Tuesday, Sept. 4th:  First Day of School!
Wednesday, Sept. 5th:  Happy Birthday to Kathi King and Jenny Shearer
Wednesday, Sept. 5th:  No morning assembly, first one will be Sept. 12th

This past weekend my family and I went up north to Port Austin (The tip of the thumb) for our last moments of relaxation before the hustle and bustle of school returns.  I enjoyed the trip, the weather was nice and I think I played at least five miniature golf courses.  Good times and great memories.  I returned home late this afternoon and I felt I had to come in and check things out.  It has been very frustrating to not have a computer at school for 7 days (my "port" was bad and my carpet was replaced).  The convenience the computer offers can sometimes be taken for granted.  It didn't help that up north my iPad could not get a signal to save its life.  All this being said, I walked through classrooms, I checked out the cafeteria, I inspected the office.  I can tell we are ready for the first day of school.  The work that the teachers and custodians have done to get everything ready blows me away.  Our floors are shining, the new cupboards look good, the classrooms are remarkable.  I'm impressed with every one's hard work.  

So Tuesday we start.  It's SHOWTIME!  I get excited for the first day, I know headaches will occur.  I expect some transportation headaches, I expect lunch times won't be long enough, I expect the construction outside will make for recess dilemmas, I expect some end of the day confusion.  It's the first day, routines are not in place, schedules are not memorized, and we are all getting back into the school groove.  Even though these things will likely happen I'm still excited for the day.  The first day is full of hope, excitement, and a new beginning.  Starting tomorrow we will make this year amazing for all Warner students!

* Couple things to figure out-
Judy always constructed the lounge cleanup list, any volunteers to construct this helpful list?
Birthday's begin Wednesday, we will need a monthly sign-up in the lounge for treats

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