Friday, March 29, 2013

Having the Courage to Change

I was recently sitting with a group of educators and we were discussing technology and 21st Century Learning.  The "C" word came up several times.  We discussed change and what it will mean in our schools.  The best line I heard was from a 6th grade teacher.  He stated, "We ask kids to adjust and change all the time, but yet as teachers we resist it."  This was a profound statement.

Let me start by stating why I believe "Change" is necessary.  The world we live in today is vastly different from what it looked like 5-10 years ago.  The way we always did things must shift.  Knowledge in the form of facts is easily accessible.  The educational shift must be in the form of higher level thinking, creating, analyzing, and thinking critically.

First, change is possible, but people have to see the value in changing.

Second, develop a vision and plan for sustainable change.  Without a vision and a well-thought out plan change won't last, it won't be sustainable over time.  The mistake I see here from some leaders is that the vision is in place, but the plan is top heavy.  I believe sustainable change occurs when you pace correctly, revisit often and welcome feedback along the way.

Third, I often hear people talk about "buy-in", I believe "buy-in" is acceptance.  I would argue that I don't hope for "buy-in", I hope for people to "embrace" change.  I believe when someone embraces something they commit to continuous improvement.

Fourth, listen carefully to the biggest critics.  Expect people to resist, find out what the issues are, try to break down barriers and calm fears.  Differentiate expectations, allow some people to "dip their toes in" and others to "dive in head first".

Fifth, continuous professional development must be available.  Whether it is a full or half day workshop or an after school session it is vital to provide PD to staff that crave it and want it.  Without professional development the change will not sustain itself and frustration will increase.

Finally, expect and embrace failures.  If you aren't failing you aren't learning.  When I was in the classroom I wanted my students to learn from mistakes and failures.  I tried to create healthy risk takers, students willing to try something new and different.  I was never and have never been a fan of the status quo.  Maybe that is why my favorite poem is Robert Frost's, The Road Not Taken.

This brings me to my next step, Having the Courage to Change.  Educators must have the courage to change.  Earlier this year our district went from Google to Outlook.  After two months the district decided Google was a more efficient platform for what we needed to accomplish, so the district changed back to Google.  This change was criticized, I support the tough choices, I support having the courage to say, "We need to go in a different direction."  In the classroom we are going through an educational revolution.  The days of teaching facts and memorization are gone.  We now must dig deeper and create students that are able to think critically.  This is a change.  This shift in education means teachers must approach lessons in a different way.  Technology will not solve everything, I believe the solution lies in the educators.  Educators must have the courage to make changes to their approach in the classroom.  We owe it to our students to embrace the shift and help them be prepared for our ever changing World.


March 29th - April 7th:  SPRING BREAK, Enjoy the time off : )

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  1. I just snorted my cereal milk because I was laughing so hard at Ellen's "Bic for Her" clip. Love her!

    There were some great tools I'd never heard of in "50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About." Great find!

    Happy Break!

  2. Ellen cracks me up! Glad you enjoyed. Those 50 Educational Technology tools were eye opening, I'm glad you checked them out. See you soon : )


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