Saturday, December 14, 2013

Been There, Done That

So much of life is about experiences.  The experiences that we have gone through shape who we are and how we react to most situations.  Four years ago when I began at Warner Elementary I was afraid of one thing.  I was afraid of my inexperience.  Sure I believed I would work hard and do my absolute best...but I knew there was no substitute for experience.  I feel fortunate that I have such a supportive staff, community, administrative team, PLN and most of all, family.  

You might say..."Where is this coming from?"  Please take the time to watch this trailer.

In this trailer The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller is on the phone with eHarmony and they ask him about the section titled, "Been There, Done That".  The main character then zones out and imagines different scenarios.  This got me to thinking.  So much of what we do in school is about teaching, modeling and doing.  We are trying to give students experiences.  We want students to reflect.  But what if the child doesn't have the experiences?  What if the child truly doesn't understand and cannot relate? What if there's a student in your room or school that has not been there or done that?

I bet there is.

This is a challenge in education.  We try to break down barriers and make the playing field as equal as possible.  But what if we can't?  What if we can't give every student every experience?

My approach has always been to seek first to understand.  Every student...scratch that, Every person has a story.  When we take the time to listen and learn people's stories we become invested.  My first year I didn't know the stories, I'll admit, I still don't know all the stories.  When it's all said and done the relationships are what we'll all remember.  

Next week our students go on break.  Some students will experience a variety of things, others will be very limited.  It's impossible to give every child every experience.  But what we can do is learn our students' stories.  Invest in each child and the possibilities are endless.

As 2013 comes to an end, I look forward with the promise and hope of experiencing more.  

This week's big questions: What's your story? How have your experiences shaped you?   


Monday, December 16th:  Holiday Musical 7pm at WCAC Grades K, 2, 4
Monday, December 16th: 3:45pm 1:1 Tech Meeting
Tuesday, December 17th:  Admin Meeting 9am
Tuesday, December 17th:  Select Choir 9am assembly in Gym
Tuesday, December 17th:  Grade 3 Trip to Optimist Arena
Wednesday, December 18th:  Assembly Grades K-2, (Mrs. Kelly is leading the assembly)
Wednesday, December 18th:  Grade 1 Trip to Optimist Arena
Thursday, December 19th:  Grade 4 Caroling at Arbor Oaks
Thursday, December 19th:  1:15 Crisis Response Meeting
Thursday, December 19th:  Holiday Parties beginning in the PM
Thursday, December 19th: Board Meeting 6:30pm
Friday, December 20th:  7:40am Staff Holiday Breakfast


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Silent Night Game at Taylor University...nothing like this in sports! (2 min)

Flocabulary - Solar System (3 min) Cool video that students would enjoy.


  1. Ben,
    Great post!! I want to thank you again for introducing me to the world of Educational Blogging...It's been a fun and dynamic way to communicate with my staff.

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