Friday, November 28, 2014

Pictures say 1000 words

I will keep this brief.  One of my goals for the past few years has been to share joy through pictures. If you check out my twitter feed it typically has pictures to check out.  All this in an effort to share our story and spread joyful moments with others.  This past week I spent some time checking out pictures past and present.  Here are a few that I hope will make you smile, think and reflect.

Special thanks to the photo contributors:

Do you have a picture that lifts you up? Makes you think? or Simply makes you smile?


Monday, December 1st:  Western Wear due
Monday, December 1st:  3:45pm String Team
Monday, December 1st:  4-5pm Lego Club
Tuesday, December 2nd:  1st Grade to Safetyville
Tuesday, December 2nd:  4-5pm Minecraft Club
Wednesday, December 3rd:  No AM assembly
Wednesday, December 3rd:  3-4pm Board Game Club
Wednesday, December 3rd:  3:45pm String Team
Thursday, December 4th:  CP Federal Credit Union PM
Thursday, December 4th:  4-5pm Minecraft Club

Articles Worth Reading:

Driving Lessons @gailandjoan

Educate with Heart @TonySinanis

My Worst Teacher Ever shared by @casas_jimmy

Videos Worth Watching:

Jennifer Aniston & Ellen play "Last Word" (2 min)

Good Answer...wait...huh? (1 min)

Odell Beckham Jr.  (1 min)

Foxhole Friends...story of friendship (22 min)

Jimmy Fallon with a Holiday Parody (4 min)

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  1. Ben, you nailed it! I love the photos you've shared in this post as much as the others you contribute regularly. The photo of the ant pushing the raindrop is one of my favorites. In fact, for about a year, that was my I-pad screensaver...there to remind me of the important work we do everyday as educators, as well as the challenges that are faced by so many with whom we encounter.

    After successfully weathering a tough year of change, I decided to change the photo. What did I replace it with? A photo I had taken this summer, from the back of a paddle board. It was of my six-year-old son, succeeding in his first attempt to do it, success evident from the beaming smile on his face.

    Thanks for the consistent inspiration, Ben!