Sunday, November 16, 2014

What if...

What if everyone strived to be better tomorrow than they are today?

What if all kids had a loving family?

What if all schools and all families partnered together to help kids?

What if people stopped making excuses?

What if all families read to their kids?

What if educational systems could be proactive instead of reactive?

What if our government put education as a priority?

What if we all had fewer families in our schools living in crisis/poverty?

What if so many kids didn't grow up in split households?

What if diversity was embraced by everyone?

What if people didn't gossip?

What if more people were willing to step out of their comfort zone?

What if everyone took time each day to be thankful?

What if all people were kinder than necessary?

What if "your word" was your most important possession?

What if we stopped giving participation ribbons?

What if our main goal was to teach students how to learn?

What if people didn't take disagreements personal?

What if gifted students had the same supports as struggling students?

I assume some people will read my list of What If's and call me a dreamer.  For me, I'm good with that.  I strive to improve every day and I do this through learning, reflecting and experiencing.  I compiled the above What If's over the course of last week.  At one point I counted 36 "What If's," then I decided to narrow.  My final count is...19.  If you could add just one to my list, what would #20 be?


Monday, November 17th:  4-5pm Lego Club
Monday, November 17th:  Happy Bday to Chris Kline
Monday, November 17th:  3:45 String Team
Tuesday, November 18th:  1st Grade to Safetyville
Tuesday, November 18th:  4-5pm Minecraft Club
Wednesday, November 19th:  Grades K-2 Assembly 8:45
Wednesday, November 19th:  3pm Writing Share with Brad Wilson (In Mrs. Brugger's classroom)
Wednesday, November 19th:  3-4pm Board Game Club
Wednesday, November 19th:  3:45 String Team
Thursday, November 20th:  CP Federal Credit Union in the PM
Thursday, November 20th:  4-5pm Minecraft Club
Thursday, November 20th:  School Board Meeting 6:30pm
Sunday, November 23rd:  Happy Bday to Suzanne Gibbs

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  1. What if every person involved in an educational organization was willing to think outside the box and truly put the kids first?

  2. What if everyone could work at something they have passion for as opposed to something they have to do to make ends meet?

  3. What if the positives in life were what we emphasized or focused on, rather than the negatives?

  4. Thank you Ben for always pushing my thinking. Your questions provoke me to search inside myself and that is always dangerous, but good. My question would be:
    What if I had never connected with the people in my PLN?

  5. Such an amazingly reflective blog! What if - we answered every question with "No, but... " or "Yes,, and....."
    Ben - your leadership, your friendship and your passion for life inspires me daily! Thanks for being a Human Beacon!

  6. What if all students felt valued and important at school and at home?

    For a post with so few words, it's one that has me thinking deeply this evening. Thank you for that!

  7. What if all school principals had an accessible and eye-opening blog?

    Ben- I am new to the edublogging world but I was surprised to find a blog run by a current school principal. I think the way that you use you your blog to reach out to those in your school community is very awesome and is helpful in setting up am effective school climate. I like how you not only inform those reading of the events occurring during the week but also give the reader a glimpse into who you are as a person. The later seldom occurs even though having a school leader form relationships with its community is essential to a schools success. Thanks so much and keep on brightening people's days!