Monday, January 19, 2015

Your Line in the Sand

Where do you stand when the chips are down?  When life smacks you in the face how do you respond?  

Throughout my life I have never been one to intentionally rock the boat or ruffle feathers.  I have always considered myself to be honest, caring and purposeful in my actions.

Recently I have found myself engaging in controversial conversations.  Some of these topics have been -


What I quickly discovered is that when you are entering into a conversation with someone, and you aren't sure where they stand, it can be a little nerve wracking.  

The other challenge I often encounter is that I don't always feel knowledgeable on certain topics.  For example, politics.  Politics can be extremely complex and layered.  I find myself playing catch up on current issues.  My personal struggle is when a topic comes up and I don't have a preference either way.  This can be viewed as the proverbial, "fence straddler".  When in all actuality I'm not straddling the fence, I just don't have a strong opinion.

With that as the foundation, I lead into a critical story.  My first year at Warner was not the smoothest.  Many of you vividly remember those days and some of you have probably tried to block those memories out.  I often will reminisce and reflect on those days.  There were a few takeaways that I still live by today.

(You Don't Need To Be The Smartest Person In The Room) You may have your knowledge tested by others.  It is important to not feel trapped into having all the answers.  Sometimes I think I need to have all the answers and save the day.  Then I come to my senses and realize it is about discovering solutions and working as a team.  The smartest person is the room...not ONE person.

(It Is Dangerous To Assume) The key to sustained success in anything you do is communication. Early on at Warner I heard a phrase over and over, it was... "we've always done it this way."  I then began to assume that was best. Assumptions can be dangerous.  Over time I decided to make small, purposeful changes to some old habits.  But along the way it was vital that I communicated with all stakeholders.

(What Do You Stand For) This is the big one!  When I reflect on my years in education I look back at a few moments.  I remember difficult conversations, I remember not backing down from what I believed in and I remember keeping my core values at the center of my decisions.

Still to this day I'm confronted with decisions and issues.  Each time I think, what do you stand for? People that know me know that my decisions center around one thing, what is best for kids!  

Today we celebrate one of the greatest men in the history of our nation, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

We all know what he stood for, I ask all of you, when controversy comes your way, where do you stand?

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  1. I love your honesty! We can learn and improve. We are all works in progress.