Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ready to Ramp Up Reading!

"Books I found,
had the power to make time stand still,
retreat or fly into the future."
- Jim Bishop

Have you ever gotten lost in a book?  

I have.

Right now I'm in the midst of reading, The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart.  I haven't finished, but I've definitely connected with the main character.  I won't give away details, but I will give you one exchange that still has me reflecting...

Mark (twelve year old main character) and his dog Beau are riding in an old truck with a stranger named Wesley. Wesley has discovered Mark & Beau have run away and Mark has cancer.  He doesn't reveal this, but you can clearly tell Wesley knows.  Check out this brief conversation:

"Life's a tricky thing, idn't it, son?" Wesley's voice was pained.  "Figuring it all out, I mean.  For all of us.  We're all in this thing together.  But sometimes there's just no knowing which way to go."

I didn't say anything to Wesley. Sometimes even the right answers sound wrong if you don't like the question.  That's the truth.

This is a powerful.  And subsequently still has me thinking.

Before I began, The Honest Truth, I read other terrific books to my boys.  A few of our recent favorites have been - I Kill The Mockingbird by Paul Acampora, Paperboy by Vince Vawter, and Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff.  In each one of these stories it was very easy to connect with characters.  To me this is what helps the reader get lost in a story...the connections.

When I taught 5th grade I read a few stories to my students each year.  The stories that my students related to best always seemed to be, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson RawlsManiac Magee by Jerry Spinelli and The Kid in the Red Jacket by Barbara Park.  These stories were realistic, easy to picture and tugged on our emotions.  

I still remember the days that we would be in class reading and the chapter would end.  

I'll never forget when the collective group demanded that we kept on reading.  They were hooked and just didn't want to stop.  If you've ever had this happen you know what I'm talking about.

As a teacher and dad, I love it when I see kids lost in a story.  

Tomorrow begins one of the greatest months in our educational calendar, March!  Most people's first thoughts when it comes to March is, Reading Month.  Personally, I enjoy reading year round, but if we can ramp up reading excitement during March, I consider that a good thing.

Our students love Reading Month!  They love the activities and celebrations.  But you know another reason they love's because they see their teachers loving to read.  

With great power comes great responsibility...

No matter how busy we feel, it's of utmost importance that we show off our passion for reading.  

Let's help ignite the reading flame in all of our students.


Monday, March 2nd:  Conference Week Begins
Monday, March 2nd:  Book Fair Begins
Monday, March 2nd:  3:45pm String Team
Tuesday, March 3rd:  PTO Conference Dinner Night for Staff
Tuesday, March 3rd:  9:30am Spring Testing Meeting at Admin
Wednesday, March 4th:  Grades 3-5 Assembly at 8:45am
Wednesday, March 4th:  3:45pm String Team
Wednesday, March 4th:  PTO Conference Dinner Night for Staff
Wednesday, March 4th:  6:30pm iCreate celebration at the Michigan Theatre
Thursday, March 5th:  7:45am Doughnuts with Dad
Thursday, March 5th:  9am grades 2/3 in cafeteria for Miss Capital City read aloud
Thursday, March 5th:  9:30 grades K/1 in cafeteria for Miss Capital City read aloud
Thursday, March 5th:  10am grades 4/5 in cafeteria for Miss Capital City read aloud
Thursday, March 5th:  2pm CP Federal Credit Union
Thursday, March 5th: 4pm Boys/Girl Quest begins
Friday, March 6th:  Camo/Camp dress up day
Friday, March 6th:  5:30-8:30pm Elementary Carnival Night

Articles Worth Reading:

Videos Worth Watching:

Absolutely Inspiring! (8 min)

Touching Them of the greatest acts of sportsmanship! (6 min)

What color do you see? (2 min)

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  1. Ben you have me psyched to start reading more. I have found that since I started reading blogs I haven't read as much fiction or as many books. I am currently reading Dash by Greg Armamentos. I feel like there are few things more powerful than getting lost in a book and inspiring children to do the same. I too miss the chapter books of my teaching days. I need to start reading them with my daughter or maybe just reading them on my own.