Saturday, March 7, 2015

How Prepared Are They?

Who creates and mandates curriculum?  Who developed the CCSS?  Who developed NCLB? 

There is probably several answers for those questions...but I will simplify everything and say the answer is ADULTS.

I often wonder if the adults are part of the problem.  Are we simply living in an educational system that mirrors what WE experienced?

In the 80's & 90's some things we learned -

Math Facts
How to write essays
Historical Events
Spelling Words
Geographical Locations

In 2015 some things we now teach -

Math Facts
How to write essays
Historical Events

A small percentage of schools and classrooms have accepted that the World is changing.

In 2012 Meghan Casserly wrote an article that received quite a bit of attention.  It is - 10 Jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago.  This should have been a wake-up call to ALL of us.  Whether we like change or despise it, the World is CHANGING!  In 2025 it is extremely likely that the top careers are not yet created/developed.

My personal belief is that we must find a balance between the old and the new.  Some of the essential skills for the future will be...

Check out that info graphic.  It is extremely telling.  What do our kids need to be prepared?  In 2025, the number of Americans over 60 years of age will increase by 70%.  Bottom Line - People are Living Longer.  You can deduce, jobs in Health Care and Assisted Living will likely increase.

The second one that grabs my attention is, Our Globally Connected World.  The walls have fallen and information is at our fingertips.  Our kids need to be able to adapt and process information much faster then we ever had to.

Are our kids prepared?  

I believe some are on the front foot when it comes to being ready.  In September, I met an amazing young man... @joshuasheart

He has made it his mission to end World Hunger!  Check this out! (1 min)

Twenty years ago the likely hood of a 13 year old changing the World was unlikely.  The World has shrunk for our kids.  

As adults, are we unleashing the potential in our kids?  


Are we stifling it by making education the same as we experienced?

My challenge is this, we must find the balance between educational basics and preparing our kids for a new World that even we can't predict.  

Next Friday is Digital Learning Day.  Digital Learning is one way we can engage our students in new learning experiences.  

Check out what others around the country are doing for Digital Learning Day - 

3rd Graders in Wisconsin will Skype with others and talk about ways to end Cyberbullying!
5th graders in Minnesota will be developing digital commercials.
5th graders in Michigan will be blogging online and embedding a video book review into their blogs.
4th graders in Pennsylvania are creating an Augmented Reality Project about their school.
Students in Baltimore are planning to use the app VoiceThread to explore poems.
Students in Virginia are planning to create Photostories about the books they are reading.
2nd graders in North Carolina will GHO with other States and discuss their Global Book Club.
Kindergarten students in Alabama are planning to create their own storybook with an iPad app.

Here's the full site to explore #DLDay Digital Learning Day Activities

These learning opportunities are exciting!  I hope you will step out of your comfort zone and think of the possibilities that Digital Learning Day can provide.  

Bottom line, as educators we have a responsibility to open the door for our students.  Ultimately they decide whether or not to walk in.  Will you open the door of possibilities?


Sunday, March 8th:  Happy BDay to Jen Reed
Monday, March 9th:  Happy BDay to Micki Archer
Monday, March 9th:  3:45pm String Team
Monday, March 9th:  Boy/Girl Quest 4pm
Tuesday, March 10th:  Grades 4/5 to Bean for Writer's Workshop
Tuesday, March 10th:  Admin Meeting 9am
Tuesday, March 10th:  Bible Release
Tuesday, March 10th:  PTO Meeting 7pm
Wednesday, March 11th:  Grades K/1 at Warner for Writer's Workshop
Wednesday, March 11th:  Grades K-2 assembly 8:45am
Wednesday, March 11th:  3:45 String Team
Thursday, March 12th:  Grades 2/3 to Parma for Writer's Workshop
Thursday, March 12th:  Boy/Girl Quest 4pm
Friday, March 13th:  Book Character Dress-Up Day
Friday, March 13th:  Happy Bday to Lisa Prichard
Friday, March 13th:  3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers meet with Dave Hood in Library (7:50am)
Friday, March 13th:  3:45pm String Team
Saturday, March 14th:  9am-12pm Western Interest Fair at the High School

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  1. Ben thanks for the push. I have got to find something that we can do this Friday. I think we are so embedded in PARCC right now that I have allowed that to distract me from what matters most. Making learning fun and relevant for our students. Maybe I could set up a GHO for one of my classes. That would be pretty cool. I'll be honest, I have only participated in a couple myself and they were great. Thank you for inspiring.

  2. Ben,

    Thank you for reminding us that we need to open the door for our students to a world that is still being created. As educators, we need to hold up a mirror and ask if we are preparing students for the current world or the one that will be. It's inspiring to see all the great things happening in schools around the world and a good example to follow!