Friday, April 3, 2015

The Advice We Give

About two months ago this young lady (see above) came up to me, gave me a hug and told me she wanted to be a principal when she grows up.

I smiled, patted her on the back and told her, Go For It!  I told her she would be a fantastic principal.

As I walked away I had a grin on my face.  My sense of pride was pretty high.  I take being a role model very serious, and for good reason, many of our students will only have a few principals in their lifetime.  I, for one, hope that they look back and remember the positives.

Then a little later I thought of my advice.  "Go For It!"  Hmmm...would I tell my own boys the same thing?  Would I encourage our youth to become educators?  Is it a satisfying career?

My mind pondered these questions as I lay in bed one night.  Years ago I didn't plan to become a teacher.  Shoot, I went to college and changed majors twice before I finally discovered my passion.  I still remember sitting in classrooms and I filling out interest surveys.  Each time it had me doing something outdoors and traveling.  The point is, some people find their passion at a young age and others continually search for it.  The trick is, whether you discover it at age 10 or at age 40, it's about doing what you love.

"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful." - Sheri Staak

So back to the question at hand.  Would you encourage your child to become an educator?  Would you encourage anyone to become an educator?

My simple answer is, yes.  But the bigger question is; Is education your passion?

At some point I'll sit down and talk to my boys about their passions.  Right now they think about being a zookeeper and a sports star.  Who knows, maybe those dreams will stick, but then again, their dad changed his mind a few times along the way.

It comes down to this for me.  Some days being principal is really challenging.  Some days I just want to walk out the door and go for a 5 mile run.  Some days I want to put my hand up and simply say, STOP.  But...some days I feel a ton of gratification when I see our kids create something new or have the look of amazement after a science project.  I love sitting and listening to kids tell me about a book they're reading.  Most of all, the little things are what I love.  I love it when teachers share a cool experience with me.  I love it when teachers try something new and they have the "little kid" excitement in their eyes.  I love it when parents tell me how much their children have grown this year.  Most of all I love it when I see our kids smiling!

I'm one of the lucky ones, I've found my passion, I will always encourage our kids to dream high.  

What would you tell your children if they wanted to be an educator?  


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  1. Ben you have clearly found your calling. I, like you, find education a very difficult and very rewarding profession. I also agree that I would never tell my kids to go into education unless that was their passion. I actually got into education by accident. I was substitute teaching while waiting to hear if I got into medical school. When I wasn't, I was not upset because I knew that I had found my calling. Some days I wonder, but I know deep down that this is what I'm meant to do.

  2. I changed my major twice before I had the opportunity to help coach my high school's softball team during the spring of my junior year of college (I had just given up college volleyball due to a shoulder injury.) I realized at that point that I was passionate about working with kids and making a difference. I hope my daughters find something they are passionate about, and if it's education, I will support them all the way! Your students and staff are fortunate to have you there. And your own kids get to see what it's like to absolutely love what you do. So glad to have you in my PLN!

  3. Ben,
    Glad you have inspired that child (and I'm sure many others) to consider entering the field of education. I would love to see my daughters as future educators, but as you said, what's important is that they find their passion and follow their dreams. That's where true happiness lies. Like you, I'm glad to have found my calling and consider myself to have the best job in the world! Thanks for the inspiring message!


  4. Ben,

    The advice you give is uber-important for everybody to pass on! I have discovered this to be the case upon reading Sir Ken Robinson's books on The Element. It's where our aptitudes and passion cross. You've found yours, and you're inspiring others.

    What keeps you going on the rough days? Maybe you've written on that before, but I'm interested. Thanks again for this post!