Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summer Celebration?

If you take a walk outside you quickly realize summer is right around the corner.  Just the other day as I was enjoying a run my senses were in overload.  This is what I could see, smell and hear:

Birds chirping...
Lawn Mowers in high gear...
Smoke billowing off the grill...
The crack of the bat at a ball game...

As a youngster I relished summer vacation.  I spent many hours caddying, playing golf and simply being outdoors.  To me there was nothing better than getting up around 6:30am, brushing my teeth and walking across the street to play.  The peace and quiet of 9 holes at daybreak was the ideal beginning to the day. 

That was my summer.  My friends and I couldn't wait for summer vacation to begin. In fact the weeks leading up to summer were often the most difficult.  We just wanted our FREEDOM!  

Over the years I've come to learn that not all of our kids have this perspective on summer.  Just this week a student approached me in the morning and asked, "Mr. Gilpin, how many more days of school do we have?"  I responded with, "Hmmm. I'm not exactly sure.  Something around 20, I think."  

Her response caught me off guard, she said, "I don't want it to be summer.  Can't you make it so we stay here all year?"  I honestly chuckled at her comment, but then I looked at her and she wasn't smiling.  She was dead serious!

I truly believed most kids had a eupeptic nature when it came to summer vacation.  Was I wrong?

After talking with her for a moment and touching base with her teacher later that day I began to see the big picture reality for this young lady.  She was headed to uncertainty.  Who would take care of her?  Who would cook for her?  Would anyone spend time with her?  

I also believe she was going to dearly miss her teacher and classmates.  

You may have students acting out, pushing away or withdrawing.  Now is the time to refocus on relationships.  If you have a student acting out, is it their way of making the goodbye easier?  Our kids need the patience, consistency and care, now, more than ever.  The uncertainty of summer isn't always something to celebrate.

This Week's Big Question:  When the year ends, is it goodbye or I can't wait to see you again?


Monday, May 18th:  4th Grade singing the National Anthem at the Toledo Mud Hens 6:30pm
Monday, May 18th:  Fire Drill AM
Monday, May 18th:  3rd Grade M-Step
Tuesday, May 19th:  TEAM Meeting 9am
Tuesday, May 19th:  4pm Final Boy/Girl Quest Night at Bean Elementary
Wednesday, May 20th:  Grades 3-5 Assembly 8:45am
Wednesday, May 20th:  3rd and 4th grade Standard Based Report Card Meeting in Board Room
Thursday, May 21st:  Anne & Jeff visit the 5th grade at 2:45pm
Thursday, May 21st:  CP Federal Credit Union 2pm
Thursday, May 21st:  After School Art
Friday, May 22nd:  Fire Drill PM
Friday, May 22nd:  8am Staff Meeting
Friday, May 22nd:  Mrs. Holton Field Trip
Sunday, May 24th:  Happy BDay Pat Rouse

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