Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unsung Difference Makers

The 2014-2015 school year is coming to an end.  Most people look back and reminisce on the positive moments that took place.  But sometimes we don't pay enough attention to the individuals that helped make the year successful.

"Alone we can do so little;
Together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

Recently I attended a graduation party of a former 5th grade student.  When I entered there was a group of my former students sitting at a table.  I couldn't help but remember some of the great times I had with that group.  I remembered the speeches they gave...the career projects that they worked on and the laughs that we shared.  It's funny, when you think back you don't remember the day-to-day things, but you do remember moments and feelings.  This years graduating group will never be forgotten.  They were funny, outgoing and full of individuality.

Just before I left I looked at some pictures of the group.  One picture jogged a memory.  I saw my former student Bryce, and remembered that every week during that year his mom volunteered in our classroom.  Terri came in once or twice a week and worked with students on multiplication, division, reading and so much more.  Every time she came in she was cheerful, friendly and willing to do anything I gave her.

This year in our school and schools across the country volunteers came in and gave their time to kids. Many rooms had a plethora of volunteers that allowed teachers to shrink group sizes and give students the individual support that they needed to succeed.  As the school year wraps up, now is the perfect time to recognize the volunteers that made a difference in your classroom or school.

I feel blessed to have worked with Terri years ago.  Her unselfish, positive attitude was a terrific compliment to what we were doing in the classroom.  I encourage you to take a moment this week and thank a volunteer.  When we say, "It Takes A Village," no words could be more true.  Volunteers are an integral part of our village.


Monday, June 1st:  3rd grade to Mackinac
Tuesday, June 2nd:  4th grade to Waterloo
Wednesday, June 3rd:  All Grade Assembly in Gym (CP Awards)
Wednesday, June 3rd:  5th grade rehearsal
Wednesday, June 3rd:  Mrs. Smith's class to the zoo
Wednesday, June 3rd:  1st grade Picnic in the Park
Wednesday, June 3rd:  No Early Release
Wednesday, June 3rd:  AM Fire Drill 
Thursday, June 4th:  5th grade graduation
Thursday, June 4th:  KDG to the Zoo
Friday, June 5th:  Half-Day, Last Day of School

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